Dentistry Demystified: How Does Tooth Whitening Work?

Many of our patients come looking to benefit from our advanced tooth whitening service. Teeth can lose their bright white color for a variety of reasons including tobacco use, drinking soda, poor dental health maintenance, and even aging. Our patients know they want a brighter smile but often ask us, “How does tooth whitening work exactly?” Though tooth whitening is a fairly simple process, we wholeheartedly believe in client education, so we’re happy to provide some explanation. In fact, ...more

3 Reasons Why Getting a Dental Bridge is a Good Idea

A dental bridge consists of one of more pontics (false teeth) that can be used to fill the spaces of missing teeth in a patient’s mouth. With today’s cutting edge dental technology and advanced procedures, patients can feel confident about the decision to receive a bridge. Many people have received this treatment at the office of Plymouth Valley Dental Group and have been thrilled with the results. Missing teeth can be a result of accident, age or disease; whatever the reason, missing teeth ...more

Teeth Whitening in Plymouth Meeting: What Is It and Why Should You Get It?

Teeth whitening in Plymouth Meeting has been increasing in popularity over the past few years and is a service that has seen tremendous strides in technology and techniques. Now, more than ever, teeth whitening is a viable and affordable procedure that can provide outstanding results in a short amount of time. Teeth Whitening in Plymouth Meeting: What Is It and Why Should You Get It? What Is It? Teeth whitening in Plymouth Meeting is a dental procedure that uses various types of materials, ...more