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A regular checkup allows your dentist to monitor your dental health and recommend appropriate procedures

Root Canals, When Do you Know if you Need One

Root canal therapy may be required if the nerve of your tooth has become affected or infected by decay. In order to save the tooth, we can remove the nerves, bacteria and any decay. Then the resulting space is filled with special medicated dental materials that seals the space and restores the tooth back to full function Signs and Symptoms for Possible Root Canal Problems Are: An abscess (or pimple) on the gums Sensitivity to hot and cold Severe toothache pain Sometimes no symptoms are ...more

Fluoride For Everyone – The Truth About Fluoride

The use of fluoride can prove beneficial for both children and adults. Twenty years ago, dentists thought that fluoride worked mainly by strengthening developing teeth before they entered the mouth. As a result,young children were the main focus of fluoridation efforts. Now, research has shown that fluoride applied to the teeth, using toothpastes, mouth rinses and fluoride treatments, is just as important for all teeth in fighting decay. The regular use of fluoride helps to protect the ...more

Quality Dental Bridge Work in Conshohocken

Dental bridges are just one of the many dental options for missing teeth. Many people assume that missing teeth are just an appearance issue. But missing teeth can cause all kinds of dental and health problems if left untreated. If you have missing teeth and are either looking to improve your smile or are experiencing dental issues because of your missing teeth, Plymouth Valley Dental can help. Our quality bridge work in Conshohockencould be just what you need to have a more beautiful and ...more

The Number One Teeth Replacement King of Prussia Provider

Plymouth Valley Dental Group is the top teeth replacement King of Prussia provider. Patients from all across the region choose our dental group to render these services because we are trustworthy, use the best technology and equipment and always put our patients’ needs first. We invite you to see for yourself. Come on into our state of the art facilities today to take a look around and meet some of the staff. Ready to schedule your visit? Contact our office now. Teeth Replacement in King of ...more

Ready for the Best Teeth Makeover In Conshohocken?

It’s been said that the first thing that most people notice about you is your smile. If you’ve ever been embarrassed about the appearance of your smile or your teeth, then maybe you’re ready for the best teeth makeover in Conshohocken. It’s important for all of our patients to come in for routine dental care. But if you have been wanting something a little extra, it could be time to take that step. Before you make a big decision, you should do some research to find out exactly what kind ...more

For Tooth Repair, Conshohocken Turns To Plymouth Valley Dental Group

Never underestimate the difference that can be made by finally seeking out tooth repair. Conshohocken residents have discovered that the benefits go far beyond improving the appearance of their smiles. Successful tooth repair can also relieve pain and discomfort while improving the overall health of the gums and jawbone. And even as you feel better, and notice the visible difference in your smile, you will find even your confidence and self-esteem improving. If you have been putting off ...more

A Dental Center for Bridge Work King of Prussia Can Smile About

When you lose a tooth due to decay or breakage for any reason, it is important to have your tooth replaced. Not only is each tooth an important part of a full, healthy smile; you also need every one of your teeth in order to preserve the contours of your face, to digest food properly, to facilitate your speech, and to protect your other teeth from drifting out of their proper places. There are two options that most dentists recommend to patients with one or more missing teeth: dental implants ...more

Affordable Teeth Replacement in King of Prussia

There are many ways to lose a tooth: improper dental care, infections, accidents, or loss of teeth that comes with aging – these are just the unfortunate facts of life. Whether you are missing a tooth due to decay, or missing several teeth that you have lost over the course of many years, you may be considering your options for replacing your teeth. Everyone wants to have a full and bright smile, but many people often have trouble finding thorough and reliable information on their various ...more

Don’t let negative experience at the dentist keep you away! Learn about the best Spa Dentistry in Plymouth Meeting.

Does the idea of going to the dentist stress you out? Do you get so anxious thinking about dental work that you put off getting cleanings or even avoid the treatment you know you need? Are you tired of the clinical and impersonal atmosphere of your old dental practice? Are you ready to make a change? Consider Spa Dentistry in Plymouth Meeting If your answer is “yes” to any of the above questions, it is time to consider spa dentistry in Plymouth Meeting. Instead of suffering through the ...more

Answers to the 3 top questions about Bridge work in bluebell

We use bridges to traverse rivers, cross streams, and ride over ocean bays. But a bridge just as fundamental to human well-being is the dental bridge. Bridge work in Bluebell literally bridges the gap between your teeth. This dental hardware is actually much more common than most people would think. Statistics show that a whopping 69% of adults between the ages of 35 and 44 have lost at least one tooth, whether that occurred because of gum disease, a failed root canal, tooth decay, or a simple ...more
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